Knowru & KleverLend Strategic Partnership

GAI is here today and its use is growing quickly. 70% of businesses globally are embracing AI. Gartner Group predicts that organizations will double the number of AI projects in place within the next year, and over 40% of theses organizations plan to deploy AI solutions by the end of 2020. However Gartner further states that "Launching projects is deceptively easy but deploying them into production is notoriously challenging."

Knowru Limited formed in 2016 understands these challenges and provides vital solutions utilizing its ML deployment capabilities. Recently Knowru Limited has enhanced its ML deliverables providing increased efficiencies for underwriting rule deployments for finance companies through a partnership with a US Texas based solution provider KleverLend

"The Southeast Asian market is facing an enormous need to revamp their IT systems and transform itself to a digital economy. Through the partnership with KleverLend, our customers can benefit from a more comprehensive suite of solutions from a simple and intuitive rule engine to a more advanced machine learning deployment platform. No matter of what kind of issues a finance company is facing, as long as the issues are related to analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Knowru will have answers for the finance company," said Ken Park, CEO of Knowru.

"Lenders today face enormous competitive pressures to originate faster, while staying compliant with a variety of new regulatory mandates, in an ever-changing marketplace. KleverLend's Decision Management SaaS Platform helps lenders make better decisions using APIs & dashboard to manage credit policies in a secure and regulatory compliant manner. Legacy lending systems are outdated and inflexible. As a result, lenders struggle to change their origination processes easily and quickly. Current options in the marketplace are expensive, don’t offer speed of implementation, flexibility or scalability, provide limited workflow and underwriting capabilities and provide software modifications with slow turnaround times. Lenders are carving agility, so they can streamline their underwriting processes and increase operational efficiency. KleverLend platform offers lenders that ability to respond quickly and adapt their lending programs without having to worry about the delays and complexities associated with outside vendors or in-house technology teams. KleverLend's Decision Management SaaS Platform represents a unique, game-changing advantage to lenders that are looking to differentiate their offerings" said Chandan Chopra, CEO of KleverLend.

Knowru Limited CEO looks forward to having further discussion with your organization regarding this valuable announcement. He may be contacted at As well, please be assured that Knowru Limited has local teams located in Southeast Asia and China for further timely discussions and support.