[2018-08-31] Knowru Release Note

Released new frontend and other 8 improvements

1 . Released new frontend

Separated frontend for faster response and better user experience.

New Frontend Overview

2. Restored the "Download CSV Button"

The new frontend was missing the “Download CSV Button” in the Run List pages and we restored it.

3. Added “Numeric Error Threshold” in the Test feature

To avoid not passing tests due to very small numeric differences, added the “Numeric error threshold” field. If numbers between expected and actual JSON fields are different but the difference is less than the field, then the platform will judge that the two numbers are same.

4. Added a help text in the Adjust Weight Request form

a) The help text will tell you whether the runnable is in production or not and whether the request will take effect immediately or need a manager’s approval.

5. Automatically upgrades pip to the most recent version for every Python runnable creation

6. Support creating a test from a runnable’s run directly

In the Test page, can click “Create Test From Runs” to specify runs of during which period to create test scenarios and create a test directly.

7. In China, use the Tsinghua Python repository to create runnables faster

8. Support Chinese for password reset and introduction email

9. Fixed bugs

  • Now can create a runnable whose title ends with a special character
  • Fixed the issue where creating new servers occasionally fails.

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Knowru Team