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In 2016, Ken Park founded Knowru to solve an issue that he himself felt as a data scientist. The issue was that he found the models that he developed are too difficult to be deployed and used because he a data scientist and developers use different programming languages. The existing process requires a long process of translation, testing and provisioning. He solved the issue by creating Knowru a platform that automatically creates APIs for machine learning models and nowadays, companies in various fields such as online lending, securities, blockchain insurance and chatbot development across the world use Knowru to deploy and manage their ML models.

With its gaining popularity, Knowru continues to strive to achieve its vision of “Warmhearted Artificial Intelligence, Useful Machine Learning.” The company launched other ML-related products and services, such as AI Interview, which is an online interview tool that companies can use to automate their interview processes through video and coding interviews. Knowru is committed to provide more convenient and useful tools and greater values to the clients and communities it serves.



Knowru is a revolutionary platform that deploys your machine learning models (ML models) in minutes. It solves the problem where data scientists and developers use different programming languages by creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) automatically for ML models. Knowru automates all tedious processes involved in deploying and managing ML models such as translation, testing and provisioning.

AI Interview

Using AI Interview, you can utilize both coding and video questions to evaluate candidates more accurately and automatically. Use it for different types of jobs from sales representatives to software engineers and data scientists. Clients report savings money and time to schedule on-site interviews, provide hotels and transportation and actually conduct on-site interviews. Candidates also say loving the chance of objectively proving their coding abilities and relevant work experiences.

ML Consulting Service

In achieving its vision of “Warmhearted AI, Useful ML,” the company realized that more than often organizations not only require good solutions and platforms but also excellent IT professionals such as data scientists and ML engineers. Thus, the company also started providing ML consulting services where its trained IT professionals help organizations successfully complete their ML initiatives. So far, the company has helped companies in different fields and sizes efficiently adopt ML models in predicting loan default likelihoods, recommending securities for new customers, prioritizing operational tasks and so many more.


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